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Action, Service, and Community Projects


PYP students are expected to be active citizens and to take action to show understanding, to apply knowledge and skills, to reflect, and often to make a contribution to a cause or stimulate positive change. How this action happens and what impact it has on the target group of those being served, beyond the learning of the students themselves, have been relatively unexplored in primary school age students.

Sharing the guardianship of the planet


MYP expects all students to become involved with communities with a meaningful involvement that benefits both parties. In the MYP this programme is called Service as Action. Through different community projects, students taking part in activities that taken place inside or outside of the school either individually or as a group. After the service, students must reflect upon activities and show evidence of their participation.

Education for All - Action Service

Greener and better world: vertical gardening


Wellness and wellbeing support


Better access to education


Better access to literacy


Learning with community - From teachers to community

Education for All 

Week 1: Carve-a-smile Movement


Week 2: Mentor Teaching Training 

Week 3: Application and Monitoring