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Head School Welcome


Assalaamu’alaikum wr.wb.

Dear Readers,
We would like to welcome you to Al Jabr Islamic School, the school’s foundation was in 2004 with only 25 students. Initially built to provide a stable income to sustain our orphanage, Al Jabr Islamic School grew and now has over 400 students. We are proud to provide our students a school with an International standard and hope to keep growing with fresh students or younger siblings joining in.

The rapid development in education has made us love what we are doing. The challenges, opportunities and risks that our students face now and in the future has truly motivated our team to work hard and fast.

As a member of the Al Jabr family, we should always remember our identity, and Islamic Al Quran serves as a guidance to our life. Not only that, but as a citizen of Indonesia, we should always know 'Where We Are' and how to contribute to the development of the country, if not now then in the future. Furthermore, as a part of the world, we should know 'How the world works''How we organize ourselves', Human Ingenuity as well how to do services as an act of 'Sharing with others'.

Our team of educators are qualified in their subjects and they have the same mission and passion to provide teaching and learning in Islam, Indonesia and International curriculum and we actively join professional development programmes, collaboration projects within our community and various others.

Thank you for your attention to our website and we hope we can meet you at our school.

Wassalaamu’alaikum wr. wb.


Uchu Riza

Head of Al Jabr Islamic School